Personal Portraits by Phototrinity

Is not about the cameras, tech, gadgets or toys. A camera can’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter makes a great novel. Great portrait photography is so much more.

We can cater for almost any requirement, whether you are male of female, young or old, want a portrait with a story, sitting at your desk in your study, running through the fields, want to look glamorous or just want to be you. We can make it happen.

Portrait photography all starts from a special connection with your photographer. We work with you to bring a touch of sparkle to your photos by ensuring we fully understand your concept for the image in the first instance. We work to portray exactly what you imagined, and we make sure you feel amazing, completely comfortable and happy when we shoot. That’s where the magic starts.

We can arrange a professional stylist and make-up artist to ensure you look and feel amazing. At the end of the day, the better you feel and the more special the day, the better the images will be.

You can bring a selection of outfits if you like. Of course it’s all time dependant, but we can accommodate enough sets and looks in a photoshoot to satisfy most people. If you want to try different hairstyles and makeup then that’s just fine too.

We work with a selection of studios to suit requirements, but if studios aren’t your thing then why not use a favourite outdoor spot, or for those fortunate enough to be house-proud, we can come and shoot in the comfort of your own home. It’s all up to you and absolutely about you.

All the images are carefully inspected and only the best and most fitting of the shot we take will make it through. You get to choose the ones you love the most. We adjust the images in post-processing to get the lighting and the mood of them exactly right and even though we always focus on the aspects of you that you are most proud of, we can provide editing to ensure that you look the way you want to look, every time.

Having a portrait shoot can be the most fabulous of experiences and of course, it comes with the ‘marvellous bonus’ of amazing images that you and your loved ones can keep and cherish forever.

We would love to talk to you and discuss your dream portrait. Contact us now!